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Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation


Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation

AKF was founded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of aartsenfruit, a fruit and vegetable import company. Jack and Hellen Aartsen established the foundation in 2007 to be able to make a vital contribution to the happiness and well-being of children. Children have a right to love, security, good personal development and a healthy future. Something which not every child is fortunate enough to experience. 

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The AKF team

AKF consists of an executive board and various volunteers, including aartsenfruit employees. Together they work closely each day on the various AKF projects and activities.



Hellen Aartsen (chair)
Annick Bezemer
Caroline Jongerius



Sophie Bruijns (CSR project coordinator)



Marlies Knevels
Addy van den Goorbergh




‘Oogappeltje’ (‘Apple of my eye’) is the Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation mascot. You can support AKF by purchasing ‘Oogappeltje’. All proceeds will benefit all projects made availble by AKF on a non-commercial basis.

How to order Oogappeltje

You can order ’Oogappeltje’ for €7.50 each (not including shipping) by filling in the order form below. To calculate the cost of shipping, please use the table below. You will receive your ‘Oogappeltje’ order by mail as soon as the full amount of your order (including the shipping costs) have been transferred to our bank account.


‘Oogappeltje' is made in the Netherlands according to the current CE standards.


Calculate the shipping costs


- 1 oogappeltje: € 2,88
- 2 oogappeltjes: € 5,76
- 3 or more oogappeltjes: € 6,95


- 1 oogappeltje: € 6,14
- 2 oogappeltjes: € 9,31 
- 3 to 15 Oogappeltjes € 19,50 (incl.track and trace)

Outside of Europe

- 1 oogappeltje € 5,09
- 3 to 15 Oogappeltjes € 24,30 (incl. track and trace)


Bank details

Rabobank Breda IBAN: NL34RABO015.23.22.132 BIC Code: RABONL2U


Orders should be made out to Stichting Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation in Breda, stating ‘Oogappeltje’




Order your Oogappeltje