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Healthy dose of inspiration


Inspiring interventions

AKF takes a fun approach in making children aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which fits in with the philosophy of 'StOerGelukkig' Your 'Core-Happiness'. In addition to working on the well-being of children, we want to achieve this goal by developing various short interventions for example, for multiple classes within primary schools. 

Experience projects

Inspiring children is the foundation for success when you want to achieve a positive behavioural change. The power of experience plays a central role. As a result of ‘allowing to experience’, the message makes a more profound impression on children and is communicated to them in a more imaginative way.


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Stoere Traktaties


With a long-term goal of reaching the national level and a primary school-wide range of projects, AKF successfully introduced the experience project Stoere Traktaties (Healthy Treats) in classes 4/5 at numerous primary schools in the Breda region. We see our experience projects ultimately becoming as integral at school as reading, writing and arithmetic. The parents and schools in those regions regard these topics and projects as essential to their children's healthy development.