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A bit of encouragement


Working together on well-being

Your 'Core-Happiness' or 'StOerGelukkig' is not always the case for every child. Sometimes children experience difficult moments when they can feel unhappy. These moments can have multiple causes, some of which can be traumatic and long lasting. It's during these times that AKF with its philosophy 'StOerGelukkig' or Your 'Core-Happiness' is on hand to offer children in these situations help and support.

Partnership with CJG


In order to reach a large target group of children, AKF partnered with the Breda branch of the Youth and Family Centre (CJG: Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin). Parents can contact this national organisation with questions about parenting, child development and the health and well-being of their child.







Supporting projects


CJG’s consultants are in close contact with many schools and families. It is with the help of these consultants that AKF is made aware of children who may be in need of help and support. CJG nominates the children in question for one of our supporting projects. one of our supporting projects:


Children’s party's
Busy Bee
Breda Summer Camps
St. Nicholas (Dutch Traditional Children's party "Sinterklaas" held annually on the 5th of December)