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Experience projects


Treating with fruit and vegetables

More and more primary schools are promoting healthy treats. A fantastic development that fits within AKF's philosophy. Developments to which AKF can make an important contribution by helping schools emphasize the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. With the experience project 'Stoere Traktaties' (Healthy Treats) which AKF uses to encourage using fruit and vegetables as treats at the primary school level. 


Experience project ‘Stoere Traktaties’


In the school project ‘Stoere Traktaties’ (Healthy Treats), we allow children in primary groups 4 and 5 experience how fun, tasty and cool healthy treating can be. We achieve this by communicating through the power of ‘experience’. The children are extra receptive to the message at the start of the project when the class is treated to an exciting jumbo sized crate. A new world will open up for them with this crate filled with a variety a fresh fruit and vegetables from around the planet, with great taste experiences and lesson materials such as workbooks and games.

An inspiring ‘Fruitzooitje’


In addition to the crate, the project consists of four lessons offered online. Each lesson is introduced by an animated short film starring the 'Fruitgang' ('Fruitzooitje'). We introduce the children to different types of fruit and vegetables, inspired by the 'Fruit Gang' who take the children on the journey that these various fruit and vegetables take from seed to plate. During the project, the main emphasis is on the children's own contributions. Inspired by the stories and experiences of the 'Fruit Gang', ultimately the children go to work and start creating their own 'Healthy Treats'.

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Experience projects evolution


'Stoere Traktaties' ('Healthy Treats') is AKF’s first experience project designed for primary schools. We are constantly evolving and eager with further developing and fine-tuning the project. In the process we have responded to the demands of teachers and children. With a long-term goal of reaching the wider national level, AKF hopes that short experience projects and interventions such as 'Stoere Traktaties' ('Healthy Treats') will become just a important and integral in primary schools as reading, writing and arithmetic. 

More information


Would you like more information or a project presentation, or would you like to register your group(s) for the school project? Please contact Annick and Sophie (Breda), Caroline (Venlo) or visit:

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