Supporting projects


AKF offers a bit of encouragement

AKF offers support projects which are designed to promote the emotional well-being and also prevent the social isolation of children. When partner CJG Breda notices children who are eligible for AKF's helping hand, they are referred to us and they can take advantage of one of our supporting projects:


Children’s party's
Busy Bee
Breda Summer Camps
St. Nicholas (Dutch traditional children's party "Sinterklaas" held annually on the 5th of December)


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Children’s party's


Due to various circumstances, not every parent is able to give their children a birthday party. The ‘Children’s parties’ project is aimed at children ages 5 through 12 for whom a children’s party is not guaranteed. AKF has carefully put together fun and complete packages.

Busy Bee


AKF partnered with the Happy Hippo foundation. This foundation focuses on children ages 1 through 12 whose parents depend on the Food Bank (Voedselbank) in Breda. When these children enter the first year of secondary school, they are expected to purchase various school supplies, such as notebooks, book bags, scissors, USB sticks and writing utensils. An expensive undertaking for their parents in many cases. AKF and Happy Hippo’s joint project ‘Busy Bee’ provides them with these school supplies.

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Breda Summer Camps


The Breda Summer Camps foundation organize holiday camps for Breda residents ages 6 through to 16 years old. By organising an unforgettable holiday for the children, the foundation wants to encourage them to achieve maximum development. Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation makes participation possible for children who register via the Food Bank and BredaPas. AKF also makes a healthy contribution by supplying fruit and vegetables.

St. Nicholas party


On 5 December, Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) cannot miss a single house – or shoe, which in keeping with Dutch tradition are set out in anticipation of his visit. Together with CJG and Breda’s primary schools, AKF surprises lots of children each year with a nice little present in their shoe. An unforgettable surprise for a fun ‘pakjesavond’ or gift-giving night.


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More information


If you would like more information about our supporting projects, please contact Addy and Marlies: info@aartsenfruitkidsfoundation.com